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"beauty" is an ever changing concept. What was considered ideal one hundred years ago, or even fifty years ago, is the same image that gets ridiculed today. What’s considered beautiful today will most likely be called unattractive fifty years from now.

The media pushes an unrealistic image of perfection on us in so many ways every day, and it works. It makes us strive to change ourselves so we can feel important. We like to think that if we just lose those ten pounds or if we just get that nose job all our problems will disappear. Well be finally content. Nobody will criticize the way we look.
The sad fact is that there will always be someone who doesn’t like the way you look- and they’ll be sure to tell you.

Beauty is subjective. I believe everyone is beautiful, but not everyone is going to appreciate that kind of beauty. I like to look at everyone as someone with their own unique beauty just waiting to be embraced.

So don’t come to me and say someone is “ugly” because I personally won’t have it.